Electric Water Heater Repair and Maintenance in Hagerstown, MD


You’ll never have to go without hot showers again. The highly trained service technicians at Griffith Plumbing offer’s reliable water heater repairs in Maryland and Virginia. We keep up with frequently changing energy efficiency standards and new hot water heating technology. Because of this, you can rest assured that we’ll help match the right heater to your home and find you the most energy-efficient electric hot water heater for your needs. 

The prices of our services are affordable and competitive. In fact, we offer a free plumbing inspection with your electric water heater installation. This free inspection includes checking for leaks in sewer and water lines, examining if there are any drips at faucets, checking for toilet leaks, inspecting the shut-off valves (whether it be city or well water), and going over all existing fixtures.

As a trade division of Tri-County Pump Service, Inc., we support their mission, which is that “We strive to provide the best service possible while creating long-lasting customer relationships.” Our customers are number one to us and we take the time to answer all questions and leave you with the confidence that our job isn’t complete until you are satisfied. Allow us to provide you superior, dependable, and friendly service for the life of your electric water heater.

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When to repair or replace your electric water heater

Most people wait until their water heater is either leaking or no longer heating up before they replace it. However, you should anticipate that most electric water heaters have a lifespan of about 10 years.

Well before the time for your replacement, however, you will want to anticipate repairs and regular maintenance to extend the life of your electric water heater. Just like how you shouldn’t expect your car to run smoothly without ever getting an oil change, you shouldn’t expect your unit to run smoothly without ever maintaining it. Services such as draining the water twice a year and repairing the pressure valve are all part of what helps an electric water heater run smoothly and efficiently. Our skilled plumbers have the knowledge and training to maintain your heater for years to come. Also, checking the health of the heating elements because they can calcify when exposed to hard water, which greatly reduces the units heating efficiency.

Don’t wait until the hot water is no longer working. Being proactive about regular maintenance will extend the life of your water heater and prevent any future mishaps. However, if an emergency does occur, our skilled plumbers at Griffith Plumbing have you covered.


Emergency water heater repair services

We understand that even with the best and most consistent maintenance on your water heater, can’t prevent unforeseen circumstances from happening. That is why we offer emergency hot water repair services. Available 24/7, we are prepared and ready to remedy any water heater emergencies you may encounter. Our skilled plumbers will have your hot water flowing in no time.


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