Ejector and Grinder Pumps

Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Looking to install a bathroom in your basement as part of a remodel? You’ll want to install an ejector pump or grinder pump. These are different than a sump pump, in that a sump pump is only capable of removing water where an ejector or grinder’s job is to remove waste.   An ejector or grinder pump fits into a small sewage ejector pit and uses 120v power. Septic lines operate based on gravity, so when a bathroom is installed below the grade of the septic line, like most basements are, then a pump will be needed to force the sewage up to the septic line.

Why choose a grinder pump? If you install a grinder pump in your home, paper and other objects that get flushed into the toilet are grinded down to a fine pulp to help flow through the sewage system more efficiently. These pumps should be professionally installed – an improper installation would cause water and sewage damage in your home.

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