Worry-Free Sump Pump Repair in Hagerstown, MD

There are many benefits with the installation of a sump pump. Homeowners can feel secure that a sump pump can prevent a frequently flooding basement caused by heavy rains. Using this device to keep water out of your finished basement keeps it in tip-top shape so that it remains a comfortable living or storage space.

Sump pumps should be replaced when they are over six years old. Repair and possible replacement could be required if there is mold, mildew, or standing water in your basement. Regular flooding of a basement can be a huge red flag indicating an issue with your device.

Drain Cleaning & Repairs in Maryland and VirginiaInstalling a sump pump is your best layer of protection for your home during heavy rains. A sump pump is always installed in the lowest part of a basement. It works to remove excess water from around the foundation of your home before it begins to collect in the basement. Another option that our plumbers at Griffith Plumbing can provide you with is to pipe old water sources into the sump pit to eliminate the flow of water into unwanted areas.

Our skilled plumbers are equipped with repairing, replacing, and maintaining the life of your sump pump.

Emergency sump pump repair services

We understand that even with the best and most consistent maintenance on your sump pump, unforeseen circumstances can happen. That is why we offer emergency sump pump repair services. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we are prepared and ready to remedy any sump pump emergencies you may encounter.

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